Patrì - By a line divided, by an idea, united.

Patrì is the single signature on a work, as ambitious as it is word-wise, that represents two young friends who, tired and exhausted by the monotony of today’s society, the limited opportunities they inherited from previous generations, decide to vent their disappointment by embarking on explosive artistic journey aimed at revealing their feelings to the world by means of a contemporary and metropolitan artistic lexicon.

On the contrary, in addition to their resolve they determined to carry out some formal, much thought-out research that led to them personally exploring all the recognisable individual styles able to express creativity in a highly energetic fashion. This intention and innovative idea made them even more united, both as friends and artists.

To create, in order to escape from an imposed and predictable context, to paint in order to get away from the ready-made restrictions of a stereotyped society and to paint in order to allow their true artistic personalities to emerge. Two names represented by one, moving forwards in perfect synch whilst remaining true to their respective individuality.

This is what Patrì is: a single entity made strong by the diversity of its individual components, cognisant and aware that in the synthesis of that signature, all the values and expressive richness of the expressive differences of the two artists is transferred direct to the canvas.

"By a line divided and by an idea, united" is the slogan that perfectly sums up the Prati character.

The two diverse personalities express themselves on canvas in unison, with one constant feature. A white, horizontal line that seems to be there to highlight their double creative personality. A simple white, ephemeral line.

A line that makes no attempt to hide, but by its very presence on every work produced, allows its diaphanous and temporary essence to shine through. The separation it provides is merely a formality, always visible on the surface of canvas, hovering over the never-ending show of poetic expressiveness that keeps it afloat. As stated, by a line divided, by an idea, united.

Their technique is guided by the force of their performance, always moving, never still, at least as far as the dripping is concerned, where the method adopted means not submitting to the rigid composition imposed by a form of figurative art that they find too limiting and trivial, allowing them to release an expressiveness that reveals their hidden inner selves and deep emotions. One of the most obvious characteristics of their work is undoubtedly the randomness and particularly the colours of the expressive drops of paint that appear.

The colours are always bright and vivid, because these are the hues of a modernity that roll quickly before the eyes of a generation that has been betrayed and abandoned by the selfishness and incapacity of those before it, those who should have bequeathed a different world and not just the cultural devastation and desolation of a future deprived of possibilities.

The Patrì artistic partnership was formed at a very young age and the duo were, as most street artists are, self-taught, with no rigid academic background or rules to guide, or limit them. They are bound together by an almost instinctive desire to create so that they can share their desire to provide other explanations, other reasons to dominate the chaos – what they call fate – with manageable strategies. They also want to experiment with representations that go way beyond appearances and show that there are other ways of seeing the world and society. Driven by powerful ambition, they were invited to take part in exhibitions and events right from the start, finding both public and critical acclaim.

by Giacomo Belloni