CREATURES BEHIND by Giacomo Belloni

From the 1st to the 3rd of September will be held the annual event with Patrì's art at Pitigliano, in the significant and magnificent location of Palazzo Orsini.
This year, once again, it is a wonderful opportunity to dive into the works of these two artists who are the best of all to have a deep look in their works; throughout the colors and perceptions of a rapidly evolving reality.
Since always, Patrì have provided us with an exemplary compendium of the times we live in, filtering the world's crudity from all that contaminates it, leaving on the works only what is desirable for a future full of constructive opportunities.
This year, during this solo exhibition called "Creatures Behind", Patrì has moved the even further, planning to investigate the individual and the unconfessed relationship with what lays behind it, behind a comfortable outward appearance.

Through these new works they wanted to bring out the creature that follows us in our everyday life in a social context: the side of us that we try to keep concealed because we are terrified of showing it without filters. A creature that hides and follows us like a shadow, just waiting to find a space, a moment of uncertainty, to emerge free from any conditioning.
There is always something deeply to see behind a creature deliberately blurred by the intrusive presence of the appearance. Behind a facade of mere convenience, behind the character we decide to play in order to be recognized and accepted, there is our true essence, there is the impulsive and uncontrollable creature, kept away due to its utter unmanageability. The creature is in fact untameable just because it is an expression of a Dionysian spirit, pure first-born instinctuality, an alter ego that no one can afford to show in his or her throbbing restlessness. It's always there, behind the facade; it hides as long as it can, waiting to appear as soon as the defenses are loosened.
Patrì's creature is not a dark and shapeless monster that emerges from the depth of our fears; their creature always prints out as a familiar icon, positive and recognizable.

Everyone has identified themselves with characters that were part of their childhood, all of them wanted to be a hero or the protagonist of a comic strip or a cartoon, with which they dreamed of a world of lightness. Childhood is free from any complexity, characterized by plain, clear and uncontaminated languages. The naive thought gets rid of any worthless trimming leaving only what makes a dream possible and becoming true.

Anyone who will look at Patrì’s works will feel unconsciously asked to make a choice, and it is going to happen according to the represented character, to the creature that is behind him. By means of such choice, he will create a personal journey that will bring him to elaborate a detailed analysis of the entire work.
Therefore, the creature is nothing but an excuse for an articulate and profound reading of the painting that finally unfolds before the viewer in a peerless communicative complexity. As you get inside the work, the message slowly appears, until you find yourself totally involved in the dynamism of a speech that displays a contemporary and honest point of view without int